2011/07/25 ver 1.2

* Added Profile Legend (2012/01/11)
* Added button: "Sort by position" and "Sort by size" in contig page (2011/10/13)
* Added NAPP logo (2011/09/21)
* Added progressbar in profile
* Added documentation
* Added Species List
* Added tools to search predicted ncRNA by position
* Fixed various bugs with Profiles

2011/06/16 ver 1.1

* Added information GoTerm as tooltips
* Added links to NCBI for contigs
* Fixed Link to NCBI
* Fixed various bugs
* Inverse column between "coordinate" and "description" in cluster detail

2011/05/27 ver 1.0

* Adding the scores of profiles for each cluster
* Added a button "view profile"
* Improvements of the requests
* various corrections

2011/04/27 ver 0.9b
* Starting the Interface

[1] Ott A, Idali A, Marchais A & Gautheret D. (2011) NAPP: the nucleic acid phylogenetic profile database. Nucl. Acids Res. [Epub Ahead of print]

[2] Marchais A, Naville M, Bohn C, Bouloc P & Gautheret D. (2009) Single-Pass Classification of all Non-Coding Sequences in a Bacterial Genome Using Phylogenetic Profiles. Genome Res. 19:1084-92.

[3] Marchais A, Duperrier S, Durand S, Gautheret D, Stragier P. (2011) CsfG, a sporulation-specific, small non-coding RNA highly conserved in endospore formers. RNA Biol. 2011 May 1;8(3).


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